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2009; Volume 33, Number 11

Legislation: Medicare Health Reform Bill Gets House Okay, Too
HEALTH ISSUES: Seniors in the Dark on Age-Related Vision Problems
LEGISLATION: Medicare Health Reform Bill Gets House Okay, Too
STUDIES: Seniors Lack Access to Preventive Services
RESOURCES: New Software Keeps Senior Drivers Safe on the Road
MEN'S HEALTH: NIA Takes a Closer Look at Testosterone Therapy in Older Men
SURVEYS: COPD Awareness Is On The Rise, But Understanding Is Still Low, Says NIH
TREATMENT: Dialysis' Risks Outweigh Benefits for Some Older Patients
QUALITY OF LIFE: Experts' Finding: Internet Use Good for Seniors' Health
ALZHEIMER'S NEWS: Product Offers More Mobility for Alzheimer's Patients
GRANT OPPORTUNITIES: Homeless Veterans Get $17 Million in Grants
BRIEFLY NOTED: HHS Creates Resource Center for Older LGBT Individuals

2009; Volume 33, Number 10

LEGISLATION: Senators Thumb Down Medicare Physician Fairness Act
MEDICARE: Seniors Break Silence About Medicare Waste and Abuse
RETIREMENT: U.S. Retirement System Falls Short of Expectations
FRAUD & ABUSE: Seniors Take Aim at Medical Identity Thieves
ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE: Brain Proteins Can Counterbalance Each Other To Ward Off Alzheimer's
FALL PREVENTION: Physical Therapists Offer Tips to Aging Adults
EDUCATION: Community Colleges Prepare to Meet Needs of Aging Americans Number of older students is s
HOSPITAL CARE: Resources Can Save the Day for Elderly Heart Failure Patients
RESOURCE: Online Program Helps Older Adults Save on Heating Bills
WELLNESS RESEARCH: Experts Losing Sleep Over Older Persons' Sleep Disorders
KIDNEY TREATMENT: Dialysis' Risks Outweigh Benefits for Some Older Patients
GRANT OPPORTUNITIES: NIH, NIA Extend Grants to Medical Students on Aging Research
BRIEFLY NOTED: Older Americans More Generous With Time, Money

2009; Volume 33, Number 9

HEALTHCARE REFORM: Obama Reassures Seniors In Speech Before Joint Session of Congress
MEDICARE: Seniors in Medicare Advantage Receive Higher Quality Care, New Reports Show
DURABLE MEDICAL EQUIPMENT: CMS Pushes DMEPOS Suppliers To Act On Non-Accreditation.
HEALTH INSURANCE: Status Quo Does Not Work For Older, Senior Women
HEART HEALTH: AHA Tells Americans to Cut Sugar Intake
ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE: Over 35 Million People Worldwide Have Memory Impairment, New Report Shows
WOMEN'S HEALTH: Hormone Replacement Therapy Boosts Cancer Risk
GRANT OPPORTUNITIES: Focus on Senior's Health Behaviors to Prevent Diseases
VACCINATION: People Over 65 Have Lower Risks of Swine Flu
FALL PREVENTION: Don't Overlook These Common Falls Risks That Are Easily Overlooked.
BRIEFLY NOTED: Watch Out For In-House Identity Thieves

2009; Volume 33, Number 8

REFORM: 'Death Panel' Myth Sidetracks Health Care Discussion
MEDICATION: Common Treatments Risk GI Damage in Older Americans
ALZHEIMER'S NEWS: Researchers Find Breakthrough in Early Alzheimer's Detection
RETIREMENT: Employers Have Hazy Vision of Retirement
HEALTH CARE: Seniors Worry Over the Future of U.S. Health Care
RETIREMENT PLANNING: Retirement Outlook Is Sunnier for Optimists
NURSING HOMES: Skilled Nursing Facilities Funding Takes a Hit
MOBILITY: Medications and Driving: A Dangerous Mix
VETERANS AFFAIRS: Bill Seeks a Home for Every Vet
STUDIES: Wealth No Guard Against Cognitive Decline
Guided Care Reduces Costs Improves Quality
Briefly Noted

2009; Volume 33, Number 7

HOUSING: Bill Aims to Expand Housing for Low-Income Seniors
STRATEGY: Inter-Generational Programs May Be the Ticket to Funding
LEGISLATION: CLASS Act Offers Long-Term Care Support
EMPLOYMENT: Age Discrimination Takes a Toll on Older Americans
ELDER ABUSE: Financial Abuse Costs Elders Big
FRAUD: Get the Facts on Elder Fraud
MOBILITY: Transportation Crisis Looms for Baby Boomers
BRIEFLY NOTED: PTSD Linked With Dementia Risk

2009; Volume 33, Number 6

ELDER ABUSE :Laws to Prevent Elder Abuse Under Fire
MACULAR DEGENERATION :Protein Block May be Key to Unlocking Macular Degeneration Risk
LEGISLATION :AARP Set Sights on Health Care, Transportation Reform
ALZHEIMER'S NEWS :Statins Can Protect Against Alzheimer's Disease
ARTHRITIS :Brush the way to Rheumatoid Arthritis Relief?
LEISURE :Stay Social to Stave Off Motor Function Decline
COMMUNITY LIVING :HHS Encourages Home- and Community-Based Care
NURSING HOMES :The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
HEALTHCARE REFORM : Long-Term Care Providers Weigh In on Reform and EHR
DIABETES : New Resources Target Diabetes Detection
BRIEFLY NOTED :Most Common Disability Cause? Arthritis Takes the Cake

2009; Volume 33, Number 5

LEISURE :It's Show Time: Say Goodbye to Analog TV and Hello to Digital
MEDICARE :CMS Lays Out Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plan Roadmap for 2010
RESEARCH :Heads Up: Self-Reported Medical History Takes a Spin After a Stroke
HEART HEALTH :Depression after Heart Disease Ups Risk of Heart Failure
ALZHEIMER'S NEWS :Heart Disorder and Alzheimer's May
LEGISLATION :Bill Aims to Smooth Out Care Transitions
ONLINE RESOURCES :New Fact Card Asks the Right Questions About Long-Term Care
HOUSING :Renters Protected Against Foreclosure Under New Bill
CAREGIVING :Economic Downturn Takes a Toll on Caregivers
NURSING HOMES :Nursing Assistant Workforce Faces Financial, Health Hurdles
SOCIAL SECURITY : Warning: Stimulus Funds Are Slipping Through Many Seniors' Fingers
TECHNOLOGY :Videoconferencing Connects Stroke Patients with Cutting-Edge Care

2009; Volume 33, Number 4

HOUSING: HUD to Seniors: Get Counseling Before Applying for a Reverse Mortgage
RETIREMENT PLANNING: Long-Term Care Costs Put Older Americans at Risk
CAREGIVING: Fragmented System Takes a Toll on Caregivers
LONG-TERM CARE: Participant-Directed Long-Term Care Gets a Boost
LEGISLATION: Reintroduced Legislation Takes Aim at Elder Abuse
THERAPY: Heads Up: Home Modification Adds Years to Life
ONLINE RESOURCES: Caregivers, Shingles Sufferers Find Online Help
INDEPENDENT LIVING: Planning is the Key to Successful Independent Living
HEART DISEASE: Seniors Face Double Whammy: Arthritis and Heart Disease
BRIEFLY NOTED: Proposed Act Aims to Address Geriatrician Shortage

2009; Volume 33, Number 3

LEGISLATION: Bill Aims to End Drug Copays for Low Income Seniors
FALL PREVENTION: Preventive Training Proves Promising in Fall Prevention
CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE: Cardiac Health Progress Could Stall Without Reform
HOUSING: States Hold the Key to Preventing Renting Seniors'Homelessness
QUALITY OF LIFE: Volunteers Find Lending a Hand Offers Health Benefits
LEGISLATION: ARRA Gives Extra Helpings to Senior Nutrition Programs
NURSING HOMES: Nursing Home Specialists Improve Quality of Care
END-OF-LIFE CARE: Doctor-Patient Conversation Can Lower End-of-Life Expenses
ELDERCARE: Invest in Direct-Care Workforce or Pay the Price
GRANT OPPORTUNITIES: Help Make Nursing Homes Shine
ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE NEWS: Blood Test Could Offer Definitive Alzheimer's Diagnosis
BRIEFLY NOTED: Telehealth Shows Promise of Improved Health for Diabetics

2009; Volume 33, Number 2

Caregiving: Occupational Therapy Not Just for the Sick
Eldercare: Heads Up: Eldercare Workforce Is Shrinking Drastically
Caregiving: 3 Factors Put Caregivers at Highest Risk for Marital Strain
Wellness: Gardening Offers Growing Benefits for Older Americans
Medicare: Guard Against Heart Disease with these Medicare Benefits
Fall Prevention: Missouri Takes a Stand on an Epidemic of Falls
Housing: Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan Staves Off Foreclosure
Fraud: Check Cashing Fraud Doesn't Pay in Elder Abuse Case
Restraints: Seniors are Breaking Free -- Restraint Use Drops in LTC
Menopause: Careful: Hormone Replacement Therapy Could Cause Brain Shrinkage
Alzheimer's Disease News
Briefly Noted: Osteoporosis Multiplies Danger in Icy Conditions

2009; Volume 33, Number 1

MEDICATION: Older Adults at High Risk for Drug Interactions, Study Finds
FINANCES: Economy Takes a Toll on Older Americans' Bottom Line
MEDICAID: CMS Aims For Better, Cheaper Health Care With Medicaid Final Rule
ADA: ADA Takes Flight on a State Level
NURSING HOMES: CMS Unveils New Rating System for Nursing Homes
HOUSING: Heads Up: Renting Is No Safeguard Against Foreclosure
RESOURCE: Take These Key Steps to Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
EMPLOYMENT: Older American Unemployment Reaches 31-Year High
HOME HEALTH: Telehealth Improves Health for Vets With Chronic Conditions
HOSPICE: African Americans Face Hospice Use Hurdles
BRIEFLY NOTED: Socially Active and Calm Adults Less Likely to Develop Dementia


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