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Land Use Law Report, Volume 42, Number 12, December 2014

Environmental: Clean Air Act Does Not Preempt State Nuisance, Negligence Claims
Ordinances: Farm Protection Law Can't Shield Independent Compost Operation
Taking: NYC Railway Easement Broad Enough For Rails-To-Trails Conversion
Environmental/Ordinances: Washington Statute Preempts Ban On 'Class B' Biosolids

Land Use Law Report, Volume 42, Number 11, November 2014

Historic Preservation
Nuisance, Trespass, Negligence
Undesirable Land Use

Land Use Law Report, Volume 42, Number 10, October 2014

Historic Preservation
Undesirable Use

Land Use Law Report, Volume 42, Number 9, September 2014

Undesirable land uses
Regulatory taking
Undesirable land uses

Land Use Law Report, Volume 42, Number 8, September 2014

Undesirable land uses
Preemption/energy/undesirable land uses

Land Use Law Report, Volume 42, Number 7, September 2014

Environmental: Immunosuppressed Plaintiff Permitted To Challenge Proposed Biorefinery
Environmental: Power Company's 'Cooling Pond' Protected By Clean Water Act
Agriculture / Nuisance: Right To Farm Act May Not Shield Farm With Inadequate Drainage System
Zoning: CT Town Ordinance Appeals Must Allege Error--And Be Submitted Within 30 Days

Land Use Law Report, Volume 42, Number 6, September 2014

Inverse Condemnation
Environmental/Regulatory Taking

Land Use Law Report, Volume 42, Number 5, September 2014

Telecommunications: Telecomm Merger Didn't End Suit Over New Cell Tower
Environmental: EPA Reasonably Decided Not To Create New Carbon Monoxide Air Quality Standards
Environmental: Court Denies Coal Ash Settlement That Included Option To Extend Compliance Deadline
Eminent Domain: Though Not 'Landlocked,' Arizona Landowner May Recover For Loss Of Street Access

Land Use Law Report, Volume 42, Number 4, April 2014

Zoning: Zoning Denials Cannot Support Substantive Due Process Claims
Environmental: Comments On An EIS Must Timely State The Significance Of The Alleged Mistake
Use Permits: City Improperly Revoked CUP, Didn’t Allege Specific Misrepresentations
Eminent Domain: City Owes $4.25 Million For Delayed Condemnations In Road Project

Land Use Law Report, Volume 42, Number 3, March 2014

Environmental/Use Permit: Rock Crushing Is Not An Agricultural Process
Takings: Individuals Can't Enforce Federal Land Acquisition Law.
Zoning: State Medical Marijuana Law Preempts Local Ban
Environmental: Additional Discovery Permitted In CERCLA Case, Defendant May Have Contracted With Hau

Land Use Law Report, Volume 42, Number 2, February 2014

Zoning: Neighborhood’s Generalized Grievances Weren’t Enough To Challenge Cruise Ship
Historical Preservation: More Intensive Use Allowed Under ‘Flexibility Of Design’ Zoning
Zoning: California Clarifies Spot Zoning Rule For ‘Permissive’ Spots
Environmental: Missing Footnotes Undermine Public Confidence In BLM

Land Use Law Report, Volume 42, Number 1, January 2014

Valuation: Landowner May Recover Greater Loss Than Market Will Bear For Lost Trees
Zoning: In Minnesota, Conditional Use Permit Doesn’t Extinguish Nonconforming Use
Inverse Condemnation: Pumping Polluted Water Onto Private Property Can Be A Taking
Takings: Fear Of Future Flooding Can’t Support A Physical Takings Claim


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