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Land Use Law Report, Number 12, December 2006

New ‘Zoning Action’ Definition Gives Shipping Company Clear Passage for Zoning Challenge
Proposed Dynamite Bunker Sparks Neighborly Concern
In Brief: Town Can Prohibit Standard Billboards
In Brief: Standing Water Burden Means School Will Have to Back Down to Servient Estate
In Brief: U.S. Can't Take a Disabled Woman's Home to Satisfy Ex-Husband's Tax Bill
Bureaucratic Hurdles and Bribery Concerns Fire Up Marlborough Man
Zoning Regulations Can Control Size of Church Without RLUIPA Worries
Couple's Claim Over Waterway Permit Runs Aground
Community Welfare and Comprehensive Plan Alignment Make Agriculture Rezoning a Go
City Can Regulate Sex Shops to Control Secondary Effects Without Violating Free Speech

Land Use Law Report, Number 11, November 2006

Court Calls Out Cell Phone Company on Tower Proposal
NEPA Requires Army to See All There Is to See
Court Stifles Free Speech Claim since County Provides Plenty of Opportunities for SOBs
County Gambles on Agreement with Tribe — and Loses
Disability Must Constitute Sole Cause for Reasonable Accommodation
Three’s a Crowd in Request for Zoning Change
Neighbors Cry ‘Enough Development,’ but Court Disagrees
Failure to Satisfy Takings Exception Paves the Way for Nashville Condominiums
In Brief ~ Court Scans, Bags City’s Claims Against Grocery Store
In Brief ~ Breach of Wetlands Contract Sinks City
In Brief ~ Timing is Everything for Neighbors Complaining of Ignored Ordinances
In Brief ~ Make a Promise You’ll Need Help to Keep and It Could Cost You

Land Use Law Report, Number 10, October 2006

Off-road Vehicle Interest Can&Rsquo;T Run Over Environmental Concerns
Court Upholds FonsI — Happy Days for U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Board’s Discretionary Authority Derails Due Process Claims
Court Erects Stop Sign in Front of Right-Turn Lane’s Federal Review
Sexually Oriented Businesses Contend Zoning Ordinances Put First Amendment Rights in A Compromising
District Court Defers to Army Corps of Engineers in Historic New Hampshire Brouhaha
Everybody Files Motion to Intervene on the Steens
No Environmental Analysis Needed for Environmentally Neutral Forest Service Rule
Court Slices through City Ordinance Prohibiting Sandwich Boards
Scenic Easement Doesn’t Go to the Dogs
In Brief — Court Oks Right Of Christians To Mix With Lions (Clubs)
In Brief ~ Neighbor Can&Rsquo;T Force Own Construction Just Because State Allows Nearby Development
In Brief ~ Court Finds Cracks in Homeowner’s Foundation for Federal Review

Land Use Law Report, Number 9, September 2006

Town Planning Board Uses Its ‘Discretion’ to Overcome Fourteenth Amendment Claim
Railroad Can Control Its Permittees’ Behavior — But Bows to Local Law for Its Own
Nevada Must Cool Its Heels As Debate Over Nuclear Waste Storage Facility Heats Up
7 Mistakes a Land Use Expert Witness Must Avoid
‘Leapfrog Development’ Defense Fails to Hurdle Imposition of Substantial Burdens in RLUI
No Liens Allowed Against Public Property
Plaintiffs Concrete Claims of Injury Prevail, While Racial Discrimination Claims Fail

Land Use Law Report, Number 8, August 2006

Slants & Trends
Treatment Facility Is ‘Dwelling’ Under Fair Housing Act
Airport Height Restrictions Taking, Nevada Supreme Court Holds
Nonconforming Marina Not Entitled To Coastal Law&rsquos Protection
Seattle-Area County Examines Fire Safety Issues
County’s Refusal to Accept Roads Not Inverse Condemnation
City Cannot Bar Charter School From Commercial Zone
Oklahoma Court Rejects ’Eminent Domain’ Initiative
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