Land Use Law Report

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Land Use Law Report 2017 Volume 45 Number 8

Regulatory Takings - Supreme Court Sticks To Fact-Intense Test For Defining The Parcel At Issue
Inverse Condemnation - Taking A Business Property's Only Parking Option Was 'Substantial Destruc
Historic Preservation - No Demo Permit Needed To Partially Remove Building During 'Restoration'
Use Permit - In California: Challenge Permit Conditions Before You Begin Building

Land Use Law Report 2017 - Volume 45 Number 7

Zoning - County Properly Used 'Surrogate Questions' To Interpret Ordinance
Zoning --- Use Permits - In Maryland City, Developers Must Obtain Both City & County Permits
Historic Preservation - Challenge To Historic Barn Reduction Showed No Real Harm
Zoning --- Use Permits - Expansion Limit Applies To Individual, Not Aggregate, Nonconforming Structu
Funding - Wield The Power Of A Great Grant Application For A Local Govt. Grantsman

Land Use Law Report 2017 - Volume 45 Number 6

Government Immunity / Flooding: Immunity Protects City From Policy---Not Operational---Choice
Special Use Permit / Nuisance: Approved Sand Mine Project Could Be A Prospective Nuisance
Takings: Condemned Property's Value Is Determined Singly---Not As Combined With Other Properties
Zoning: Vacation Rentals Of 'Single Family Dwellings' Violate Zoning Ordinance
Environmental: The Future of Climate Change Litigation & Environmental Rules

Land Use Law Report 2017 Volume 45 Number 5

Nuisance --- Historical Preservation: Private Person Couldn't Acquire Ownership Of Public, Confede
Trespass: Fiber-Optic Cables Exceeded Electrical Line Easements' Scope
Zoning: Fraternity Not Protected As Nonconforming---or 'Grandfathered'---Use
Zoning: Tattoo Artist Challenged City's 'Unbridled Discretion' Under First Amendment

Land Use Law Report 2017 Volume 45 Number 4

Takings / Undesirable Land Use: Repetitive Complaint Precludes Federal Suit Challenging City's Nui
Zoning / Undesirable Land Use: Landfill Prohibition Use Was Retroactive, Thus Unconstitutional
Environmental: Generous Statute Of Limitations Applies To CERCLA-Type State Claims Only
Zoning: Zoning Board Can't Limit Alpaca Exception To Particular Owners

Land Use Law Report 2017 Volume 45 Number 3

Takings: No Taking When Govt. Dumps Debris Into Easement Sinkhole
Easements -- Energy: $8K Award Premature: It Was Based On Ambiguous Pipeline Easement
Nuisance: Wild Animals' Stench May Be Unpleasant, But It's Not A Public Nuisance
Environmental: Building Bridge Through Park Was Reasonable Where Alternative Was More Harmful

Land Use Law Report 2017 Volume 45 Number 2

Zoning: Calif. Preserves Open Space Where City's New General Plan Outweighs Older Version
Development: Freezing Land Use Laws Promotes Substantial Development, Maryland Court Affirms
Nuisance: In Vermont, Ugly Is Still Not A 'Nuisance'
Zoning / Historic Preservation: Zoning Board Had Authority To Interpret Ordinance, Approve Museum Ad

Land Use Law Report 2017 Volume 45 Number 1

Nuisance: Cell Tower's 'Invasive' Lights Not A Nuisance, Caused No Physical Harm
Undesirable Land Use: Ordinance's Use Of 'School' Encompasses More Than Instruction
Use Permits: Pop-Up Beer Garden In Residential District Can Stay---Even Without Use Permit
Easements / Energy: No Federal Jurisdiction When Easement, Not Federal License, Determines Outcome