DHS: DHS Infrastructure Protection Plan Fails To Convince Critics

Tuesday, August 15, 2006 8:17 pm
Volume 30, Number 14
Opponents claim citizen safety is at risk

A convergence of world events and politics has once again opened DHS to criticism -- just as the department was trumpeting the major strides it had made in adjusting its operations to real-world risks.

Late last month DHS unveiled its long-awaited National Infrastructure Protection Plan (NIPP) to ward off the ravages of manmade and natural disasters from the country`s 17 critical sectors -- ranging from food and water to chemical plants and banking.
Budget: A week later, the department announced $400 million in fiscal year 2006 grants to be distributed through seven programs also aimed at protecting the nation`s critical infrastructure, especially the transportation sector.

Plan Neglects Key Dangers, Say Some

The following day, however, DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff announced that the FBI, working with Lebanese and other foreign law enforcement and intelligence organizations, had disrupted a terrorist network in the [..]